What not to do during a Red Flag Warning.

“Red Flag Warnings” are issued when there is a high risk of wildfire in the region. Here are some simple preventive steps you can take.

1. Clear dry and/or flammable materials away from your house.

Do a quick walk around your house, and keep an eye out for brush, dry leaves, or dead branches and make sure to move them away from your house. If you’re feeling friendly, do it for your neighbor’s house, too!

2. If you see something on fire, call it in.

Don’t assume someone has already reported a fire if you see one — the fire department doesn’t mind getting lots of calls about one fire, but they can’t put it out if they don’t know about it.

3. Don’t set anything on fire, seriously.

Other than purposeful fires, here’s a few ways to not start a fire by accident:

  • If you smoke, don’t throw cigarette butts out the window or into the trash still lit.
  • Don’t BBQ (sorry).
  • Don’t park your car on top of grass. Catalytic converters are known for creating fires on the grass below.
  • Pulling a trailer with the chains touching the ground? Driving on a flat tire? Mowing your lawn? All of these things can cause sparks which will start fires.

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