– Disaster Address Changes

How to Forward Your Mail to a Temporary Address

 In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other recent natural disasters, homeowners have had to become more aware of the need for disaster preparedness, education and their own community’s crisis response protocols. It’s possible that your community or home could be severely impacted by a disaster, and that you’ll need to find temporary housing if one occurs. Securing shelter and making sure your family is safe is one of the most critical considerations when you’re displaced.

If the unthinkable happens and you need to find temporary housing, it would be nice if you could stay on top of important mail such as bills, insurance forms and health correspondences. This is easy when you file a temporary change-of-address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

You can have your mail forwarded to a new address, or change address easily if you have to relocate.

Temporary Change of Address

 Before moving to your home, it’s likely that you changed your address with the official USPS website to ensure delivery of mail to your new address. When you’re forced to relocate due to a disaster or need to move to a temporary address, USPS offers a temporary change of address as an option. This means that USPS forwards your mail to the new address for as long as needed up to 60 days. Just as with a permanent address change, this can be done several ways:

  • Online: The easiest and most convenient method, this requires $1.00 verification fee with a valid credit card. (USPS electronically verifies the information you entered with the bank that issued your card. This is done to verify the address you provide matches the address record for your card.)

USPS offers information about the temporary change-of-address process and answers questions on their website FAQ.

Other Ways to Change Your Address Temporarily

Depending on your situation or your temporary housing setup, you might not have Internet access to complete a temporary change of address online. Check out these four other options:

  • By phone: This also requires the $1.00 verification fee.
  • In-person: Do this at the nearest post office.
  • By mail: You can mail the change-of-address card to any branch location.
  • Via a mail carrier: Hand your completed card to any mail carrier.

Disaster response personnel and designated volunteers may be able to assist you in completing the mail forwarding, as most have specific knowledge to help disaster victims accomplish “normal” routine tasks during a crisis. Completing a temporary change-of-address form and assuring your mail will be forwarded is one thing that will make temporary displacement a bit less stressful. 

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  1. This is extremely useful information! Many families have to relocate while their homes are repaired. Knowing how to change your address easily, and other information related to moving, can save headaches in the future.

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