Red Cross // Dell – Digital Operations Center

Working together, the Red Cross and Dell have built a Digital Operations Center that scrapes the web for certain keywords post-disaster, helping establish trends and aggregate important information.

Specifically, the Digital Operations Center will help the Red Cross:

  • Source additional information from affected areas during emergencies to better serve those who need help;
  • Spot trends and better anticipate the public’s needs; and
  • Connect people with the resources they need, like food, water, shelter or even emotional support.

What this means for your community: 

Your tweets are going somewhere. If your area has not yet received help, please let the Red Cross (and the rest of the internet) know! They will be able to see larger trends, and help large organizations direct resources to your locality. They will also learn from this information and better plan for future events.

What this does not mean for your community:

If you Tweet for help, it does not mean that a Red Cross representative will be parachuting into your back yard. This does not mean that if you want to donate your peanut butter and jelly making skills, or a refrigerator, that those resources are being logged and connected with those in need. There is still a huge need for local organization, and databasing of in-kind donations reported post-disaster. in the mix: 

Our company currently offers the only software and tech services designed specifically for local organization. Large aid organizations must achieve very specific missions, and often the task of organizing in-kind donations of items and labor fall to untrained, unequipped local volunteers. With our easy-to-use volunteer and item management, information hub website, and case management tools, your librarian, small churches, and local Elks club can efficiently turn the wave of interest post-disaster into action.


You should Tweet, you should Facebook, and you should react. But you should also prepare.


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